Playocracy has been a community partner with national school boards, municipalities, public health agencies, children's camps and early years providers for over a dozen years.  Our goal has always been to share the joy of movement and encourage social skill development in order to have an appreciation of play through our lifespan. 


Currently we are working with the HWCDSB and Hamilton Public Health, on a unique pilot project to discover the best practices for creating a quality daily recess opportunity for students in grades 1 to 8 that will support and enhance overall student well-being and success.


Recess is an untapped gold mine and if given some time and attention, it can help to create a strong school community through play, empower students to practice self-regulation, allow students to improve their social skills, and increase physical literacy levels.

Lynn Campanella - Chief Play Officer, CEO


For the past 16 years, my focus has been to find fun and creative ways to get people - not just children - active.  When I started Lettuce Make Thyme (LMT) back in 2001, the motto was:

Non-Competitive + Non-Traditional = All Play

At that time childhood obesity was rearing it's ugly head and we were finally seeing what we were doing not only to ourselves, but to our children by living a life of "convenience" with poor eating habits and too much screen time.

I started LMT by bringing in the Giant Games to North America.  These are classic games on a giant scale and they got people moving.  The great thing was that people didn't even realize they were being active because they were having FUN!


As life transitioned and change occurred, a new company emerged: Playocracy.  The same motto still runs through all we do today,  but an additional need has been recognized: we need to allow our children the time to develop better social skills.  This is why our focus is on increasing global physical literacy which includes increasing the opportunity children have to practice their intra-personal & inter-personal social skills, as well as their critical and creative thinking.


Playfully yours,


Training and accreditation:

Physical Literacy, 101, 201, 301, Facilitator Training - all with Dr. Dean Kriellaars

Run, Jump, Throw

NCCP: Coaches Physical Literacy Training

Be Fit for Life: SuperHero Facilitator Training

High Five: Principles of Healthy Child Development 

High Five: Quest 1

Sport for Life" Physical Literacy instructor Program 

Sport for Life: Quality Physical Literacy Experiences QPLE

Sport for Life:Physical Literacy for Early Childhood


Michelle Murphy - Office & Warehouse Manager


Michelle is our Office Manager.  She loves to keep things organized and moving in the right direction.  Michelle has a BA from Guelph University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Sheridan College.  Currently, Michelle is upgrading her education by taking a Digital Marketing Certificate course through McMaster University’s Continuing Education Program.  A lifelong interest in learning keeps Michelle up to date in her field.


Michelle has always enjoyed being physically active.  Growing up she played basketball and rowed for her high school team.  As an adult, she enjoys running, playing tennis and working out at the gym.  Michelle enjoys the social aspect of exercise and finds that she has the best time when working out with friends.


Michelle lives in Dundas with her husband and two daughters.  Michelle and her husband encourage                                                                    their daughters to pursue all interests, especially sports.  The teamwork and sense of comradery are                                                                      the best parts of the experience! 


Brittney Patton - Workshop Facilitator


Brittney is our Workshop Facilitator. She is passionate about facilitating leadership workshops and instilling confidence in youth. Brittney has a Bachelors degree in Community Recreation and Leisure Studies from Brock University. Currently, she is finishing her Masters at Brock University in Applied Health Sciences. Brittney’s interest in community development, physical activity and leisure fuel her desire to continue to learn, in and outside of the workplace.


Brittney has been involved in recreation programming since she was 16 and whole heartily believes physical activity is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.  Growing up her recreation time was filled with swimming and outdoor play, that often took place at the cottage. As an adult, she enjoys yoga, spending time outdoors and working out at the gym.  For Brittney outdoor and nature play were vital to the development of her physical literacy, and she is excited to introduce students to activities that will help develop theirs. 



 Training and Accreditation:

Asset Based Community Development Training

High Five

Quest 2

Standard First Aid & CPR C