chickens & friends. . . .

Large Rubber Chicken 

You can never have a bad time when you include a chicken in your games.

Made of latex, this chicken is perfect for cooperative games! 101 games can be played with them...

AC1 - $19.25

Squeaky Chick 

This latex constructed chicken is perfect for cooperative games! 9.5" in Length, and squeaks when it is squeezed! This is an excellent basketball!

AC2 - $7.25

Stretchy Chicken 

Compact and flexible, this chicken is perfect for tossing, hiding or riding in your pocket.

STR-CHICK - $4.95

Chicken Hat 

You can BE the Chicken!  This is the ultimate in chicken fun.  Warning: do not play Chuck the Chicken with the person wearing this hat!  :)

CHICK-HAT - $11.25

Rubber Pig 

Why should chickens have all the fun?! This cute pig does the same as the chicken with a twist.  Anyone for Pitch the Pig?

AP1 - $15.50

Rubber Trout - $13.50

Again, bring a new element to a classic game.  Anyone for a game of Tickle the Trout??

AF1 - $13.50