create-a-game series



This is a tool for encouraging creativity and problem solving; it teaches critical thinking.   Create-a-Game© demonstrates the importance of communication and articulation and can validate to all ages the need for cooperation, listening skills, good sportsmanship and old-fashioned manners.


There are 6 categories to the Create-a-Game© resource and in each category you have 16 choices. 

Either randomly pick a number from each category or have people call out a number.  Flip to those pages and you now have the 'ingredients' to create your game.


Instructions on how to use Create-a-Game: Play your game and answer the following questions: 

  • How did the game turn out as you expected?  Did the theory of your game when you were developing it match the practical outcome? 
  • Did it work out as you thought? If not, why not?  If it did, write your numbers down and name your game.  Play it again.  
  • If it didn’t, troubleshoot to find out where you can make your changes need to be made.  Not everything works out the first time.  
  • How could you adapt this game for a different age group or for people with special needs?
  • What Social Skills did you learn from your game?
  • Here’s a tip:  ALWAYS to K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple & Safe