The "must-hAVE" Equipment

These are some of the things we cannot play without

Nerf-like Flying Disc

Soft and safe; easy to catch. Perfect for a playground that is “Nerf or Nuthin”.  Safe for fingers and heads.

Dimensions: 8” x 1¼”  

Colours: As Shown  


NF85 - $7.95

 16” Juggling Scarves

Teaching hand/eye coordination, cross-body motions and using both sides of the Body — equally

Dimensions: 16” x 16”  

Colours: As Shown           


JS16 - $2.95 each

1Cotton Bean Bags 

Colourful and easy to clean.  Perfect hopscotch marker!

Dimensions: 4” x 4”. Colours: As Shown




BB-C-  $1.95 each


18” Flat Hoops

These FLAT hoops are ideal and safe for anything active.

Dimensions: 17 ½”.   Colours: As Shown




HF-18 - $6.95 each

Light Scoop Sets

Great deal for an equipment staple that everyone needs.

Dims: Ball: 4” Scoop:16” long

Colours: Shown




LT-SCP - $11.95 per set

Nerf-like Dice: 3” 

Great for physical activities, math fun & so many more situations.   Creative & imagination needed!

Dimensions: 3” sq. 

Colours: As Shown


IS-DICE3 - $6.95 each

Ground Markers   

Versatile & compact, easy to store. Colours allow for different activities.

Height: 2” H, Diameter: 8”  

Colours: As Shown


GM-E -$ 0.99 each



Flame retardant nylon construction with reinforced webbing and handles.

Multi-colored & Available in several sizes:


PP6 - 6"- $26.95

PP12 - 12"- $64.50

PP20 - 20"- $138.95

Hand Held Whistles

Keep it safe, don’t share a whistle.  Now it doesn’t matter how many people need to use this whistle. Also great in emergency situations. Don’t panic, just squeeze.

Dimensions: 4¼” H x 2.¾” dia.   Colours: As Shown


W5-HH - $19.50

Double Action Hand Pump

This space-saving 7” double action hand pump inflates during both in and out strokes. Lightweight and durable. Includes 1 pc brass needle w/rubber seal. Comes with a carrying case.





Y200 - $14.50

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