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Playground markings help create an active and playful recess culture. Research has shown that  playground markings can increase children's:

  • Physical literacy
  • Imagination
  • Creativity 
  • Social Skills
  • Self regulation 
  • Sense of belonging 

Playground markings are multi purposeful:

Authentic play at recess is the typical use, but they can also be used to facilitate active curriculum, be used as an outdoor classroom, and provide daily physical activity (DPA) and more! Research completed by Tandy Jane Haughey (2009) found that in order to maximize the use of your playground markings you need two things:

  1. Training - Training both staff and students how to use the new playground stencils will ensure they are used for recess, DPA or for brain breaks.
  2. Equipment -  If you want Staff and students to use the new playground markings, equipment needs to be provided or students must be allowed to bring their own.  You cannot play 4 Square by just looking at it.

We offer both training and equipment for all types of playground marking games. Games are provided with each playground marking upon purchase.  Click here to view our most popular Equipment Packages and Kits.


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