playground stencil paint

Cost of paint: $7.95 per can.


Colours: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White,

  Orange and Purple - special order only

Job Liner Marking Paint is a modified alkyd and traffic paint formulated into an aerosol spray cylinder.  An Alkyd is a synthetic resin widely used in the manufacture of quality paints and varnishes.  The terms alkyd and oil-based are commonly used to describe Job Liner.

Warranty:  2 years shelf life, whereby each can will empty completely.

Can Contents: 480 grams (18 ounces)

Recommended Uses:  This paint is designed for painting asphalt, concrete, gravel and grass.  Specifically for pre-marks, stencil work

Application:  Shake cans of Job Liner for 30 seconds until all mixer balls rattle and are loose.

Surface Preparation:  All painting surface should be cleaned of dirt, grease, peeling paint and all foreign substances.  A broom or industrial blowers are recommended to remove all of the unwanted substances.  If surface is wet or damp allow to dry thoroughly.

Characteristics:  Fast drying, fade resistant color, non-clogging.