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Educational STENCIL Games

It's Your Choice - $172.00

(Conflict Resolution Circle)


 This game helps children to make better choices when faced with a conflict.  Allow the children to use this as a peer mediation tool during recess or if the class has come across a difficult situation, take them out to use this tool to solve the problem.  Showing them the different options on how to resolve conflict is      invaluable!

Item Code: STEN-CON

Width: 7' 4"

Length: 7' 4"

Age: ALL


It's Your Choice - $229.00

(Conflict Resolution Circle - Picture Version)


This game helps children to make better choices when faced with a conflict.  Allow the children to use this as a peer mediation tool during recess or if the class has come across a difficult situation, take them outside to use this tool to solve the problem.  Showing them the different options on how to resolve conflict is invaluable!


This picture version is ideal for kindergarten, early years and special needs.


Item Code: STEN-CON2

 Length: 7'3"

Width: 7'3"

Ages: All

Active Living Board - $229.00


In this board game players will move along the board, when landing on health activities they skip ahead spaces and on

non-healthy activities move back spaces.

Just like snakes & ladders only this demonstrates examples of good activities.  ADDED BONUS!  We have a list of actions - one for every square. Whenever someone lands on a square  everyone does that action!  This is an  Active Curriculum game. 

Item Code: STEN-AL

Width: 10'

Length: 10'

Age: 8-12

Playground Math Calculator - $183.50              


This game is an easy playground game that allows children of all ages to practice as well as better their mathematical skills.


Are you thinking Active Curriculum?  We have the games and ideas for teachers to use.


Item Code: STEN-CALC

Width: 4' 10"

Length: 6' 1"

Age: 8-12

Giant ABC Circle - $345.50 

This playground marking can be used for any game where students need to stand in a circle. It is a great starting place for outdoor activities, and the letters make this a playground marking that can be used to practice spelling, vocabulary and more. 



Item Code: STEN-ABC-C 

Width: 20'

Length: 20'

Age: 7-12

Alphabet Tree of Knowledge - $229.00


This game enables children to learn the alphabet and to spell words.  


This is a great playground marking for Active Curriculum.



Width: 7' 4"

Length: 10' 10"

Age: 6-10

What time is it?  Giant Clock - $218.00                        


Children take turns standing in the center of the clock and use their arms to show the time that is told to them.


Item Code: STEN-TIME

Width: 7' 4"

Length: 7' 4"

Age: 6-12

Compass Rose - $195.00                        


You can use a map or a compass to orientate this playground marking when painting your compass rose. If you are interested let the stars point you north; the Big Dipper, and the North Star can be used to orientate your compass rose. Excellent for a variety of directional games.


Item Code: STEN-COM 

Width: 17' 8"

Length: 18' 6"

Age: All

Five a Day: Fruits and Vegetables - $195.00


This game is a variation of the traditional hopscotch where children can become familiar with fruit and vegetables.  


What better way to talk about fruits and veggies by actually being active with them.  We have created a couple of really good games for you to play with this playground marking or it could be used for Active Curriculum.


Item Code: STEN-5DAY 

Width: 6'

Length: 6' 1"

Age: 7-13

Mirror Me - $172.00


Fun variation of Simon Says and memory games. The goal of the game is to mirror the person across from you by repeating the pattern steps they take on the various coloured circles. 


             O   O          *Optional layout for Mirror Me

       O           O




Item Code: STEN-MIR 

Width: 4' 6"

Length: 9' 10"

Age: 3-10

Map of Canada - $229.00


This is a map of Canada designed to enhance the knowledge of a child’s

fundamental map skills and promote awareness of geography. This is another Active Curriculum game.


Item Code: STEN-OCAN  

Width: 9' 10"

Length: 12' 3"

Age: ALL

Hopscotch STENCILS

Hopscotch with Home - $114.00


This traditional game never goes out of style for recess. Hopscotch is a game about throwing, hopping and not falling over!  Perfect for the novice just learning the game and there are so many ways to challenge the experienced so they are never board.



Item Code: STEN-HOP 

Width: 3' 3"

Length: 13' 11"

Age: 5-10

Snail Hopscotch - $183.50


Players move through the squares claiming them as their own making it more difficult for the other players to complete.  This compact version is ideal for smaller areas where you want activity but can't afford the space



Item Code: STEN-SNH 

Width: 6' 10"

Length: 7' 11"

Age: 6-11

Snake Hopscotch (Letters) - $218.00        


This hopscotch is a bit of a twist with letters instead of numbers.

Children can learn how to jump on one foot, gain their balance and recognize the order of the alphabet all while having fun.







Item Code: STEN-SH 

Width: 4' 2"

Length: 21' 3"

Age: 6-11

Splash Hopscotch - $172.00


This game is a variation of the traditional hopscotch where children can pretend they are splashing in a puddle. More than a hopscotch, excellent for numeracy games and agility.  





Item Code: STEN- SPLASH 

Width: 3'

Length: 10'

Age: All

Knights Castle Hopscotch - $264.50


It is an excellent beginner game for young children as it allows them to learn how to jump on one foot, gain their balance and recognize the order of elementary numbers. 


Item Code: STEN-KCH 

Width: 7' 3"

Length: 12' 10"

Age: 6-10


Big Four Square - $149.50   14' x 14' size


This is a ball game where the object of the game is advance to a higher level.  Skill, strategy and sometimes just plain luck will help a player advance and stay in King's Court or square number 1.

Have you tried doubles Four Square? This BIG playground marking is perfect for this game version.

Other sizes available: 10' x 10' - $102.00  or 12' x 12' -$114.50


Item Code: STEN-4SQ

Width: 14'

Length: 14'

Age: ALL

Bull’s Eye Toss - $206.50


This is the perfect playground marking for teaching fundamental movement skills and playing TGfU games. Score points by tossing your makers onto the target.  Don't want to make it competitive, only want to teach and have fun with the skills?  Don't keep track.





 Item Code: STEN-BULL 

Width: 7' 4"

Length: 15' 4"

Age: 7-13

Wall Target Toss - $69.00                                                             

 A ball is used to bounce off the ground onto the wall target. Imagine taking your class out and allowing them to throw snowballs during a DPA session?  It is supervised and they are learning Net/Wall games which is all part of TGfU.  Plus the fact that they are throwing snowballs at school!  This is a teachable moment where children are taught the rules and understand how and when to follow them.


Item Code: STEN-TGT

Width: 2'6"

Length: 2'6"

Age: 6-10

Mini Sticks Hockey Rink - $229.00


The Mini Sticks Hockey Rink is an excellent playing space for all your students that are hockey enthusiasts. This playground marking can also be used boundary lines during tag or other recess games.

Ask us how to make this BIGGER!

Item Code: STEN-MS

Width: 8' 6" +

Length: 20' +

Age: 6-10

agility games STENCILS

Playground Labyrinth Circle - $403.00


The playground labyrinth circle has a single path leading to the center.


What if you were to add your own obstacles on the labyrinth and make it more challenging. You could leave notes under ground markers for the participants to do various actions or have them move in various ways.  Great fun!.  Make sure you change it up to keep them on their toes.


Item Code: STEN-LAB

Width: 17'

Length: 18' 11"

Age: ALL

Agility Ladder - $114.50


Run, hop or jump between the rungs of the ladder. Make this part of a permanent workout on the tarmac.


Item Code: STEN-LAD

Width: 3' 4"

Length: 15'

Age: ALL

Left-Right Out - $183.50                                                             


Children must be able to hop from left to right with their right foot landing on the left side and their left foot landing on the right side of the game.




Item Code: STEN-LR

Width: 3'4"

Length: 12'2"

Age: 6-10

Shape Swirl - $206.50                                                             


Children learn basic shapes while following a swirl pattern. Practice a variety of fundamental movement skills with this playground marking! Throw a bean bag and try to hit one of the shapes, hop on one foot to pick it.





Item Code: STEN-SW

Width: 3'4"

Length: 21'2" 

Age: 6-10

Number Swirl 1-10 or 1-20 - $206.50                                   


This game is a variation of the traditional hopscotch in which children must follow a swirl. 



 Item Code: STEN-NS

Width: 3'4"

Length: 36'10"

Age: 7-12

Playground Pond - $287.50


This is a game of imagination and activity, at each stage of the game the children can pretend to be the animal performing the actions laid out in the pond.




Item Code: STEN-POND 

Width: 25'

Length: 25'

Age: 5-11

Miscellaneous STENCILS

Various Animal Footprints - $32.50 each                                                         

Animal footprints can be laid out in any fashion to create a trail to follow. We have 16 to choose from:

- Bear                         - Beaver

- Porcupine                 - Goose   

- Dinosaur                   - Otter

- Wolf                         - Owl

- Bobcat                      - Rabbit

- Fox                           - Raccoon                        

- Skunk                       - Lion

- Opossum                   - Deer 

Item Code: STEN-AF

Four Seasons - $56.50 each or $218.50 for the set                                            


Seasons playground markings can be added onto other markings (Four Square) or laid out in any fashion to create a trail to follow. We have four to choose from:

- Summer Sun

- Spring Flower

- Fall Leaves

- Winter Snowflake

Item Code: STEN-FS

Playground Bicycle Road Path and Sign Kit - $229.00                                                           


This bike park can be placed anywhere on your playground. It includes lane marking arrows, signs etc. use to familiarize children with traffic rules.   

 Item Code: STEN-RP

Age: 5-12

Fire Drill - Safe Location Kit - $98.50


Shapes are placed in a safe area for classes to up behind during a fire drill or actually fire.




Item Code: STEN-FIRE

Width: 16"

Length: 16"

Age: All

Playground Picture Frame - $84.00                                                       

A place for children to show their artistic skills drawing with chalk.  Let their inner artist shine out.






Item Code: STEN-PF 

Width: 3' 4"

Length: 3' 4"

Age: ALL