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Full Recess@Home Stencil Kit consists of the following:

* 18 Reusable Stencils
* 3 Pieces of Starter Chalk
* 60 Games and Learning Activities to start you off!


Introductory Price: $87.50

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When you buy a Recess@Home Stencil Kit for yourself, you can purchase a second set, at a DISCOUNTED PRICE for a registered charitable organization.   For example: the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers or Big Sisters.

Our company is invested in supporting authentic play and we want to

support your community in play as well!

Discounted Price for Full Stencil Kit:

$77.50 CAD

$57.50 USD

Play creates Divergent and Emergent thinking

When you play you learn how to be adaptive, resilient, creative and a awesome problem solver.


This line of stencils will support and the physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being of a child. 


We have all the research and evidence-base material to show that when we play, we are building a stronger brain.  When children are given the opportunity for authentic play they are strengthening the synaptic brain connections thereby releasing a number of healthy neurological chemicals, developing resiliency (which we all need right now) and they foster a sense of mastery. 

Accomplishing a task, overcoming challenges and taking control of your own world all leads to developing self-confidence and self-esteem.


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