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Two sizes:


15 Item Kit: $25              30 Item Kit: $35

Creativity, imagination and problem solving are not always given enough time to be practiced and as a result many children do not have the confidence and competence to solve real-life scenarios on their own. These Living Skills help your child’s social and emotional development can influence your child's cognitive development, and will build their self-esteem when your child learns  how to overcome small challenges and obstacles during play. 


All kits come with games to play and several variations and adaptations. 



*actual pieces may vary



Order 5 and get them for $23.50 each!

You will like our twist on this classic game!  For every number that is called, there is an active movement to go with it.  It will keep you hopping!


A great game in the classroom, at home, kids birthday parties, church groups....anytime! 

This kit includes:

  • 2 Small Bags (one to hold beans, one to hold the Bingo numbers)
  • Bingo cards
  • Dried beans to use for markers
  • Bingo numbers with actions
  • Instructions 

* $1.00 from every Active Bingo Kit is donated to the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton East Inc.



Looking for something fun to do with your family, but don't want to spend

a lot of time planning?  We have you covered!  

Our family activity kit comes with:

  • Laminated cards with 50+ game ideas all in one handy place
  • 1 Stretchy Chicken
  • 1 Beach Ball
  • 2 Sensory Balls 4.5"
  • 1 Folding Frisbee
  • 2 Skipping Ropes (7" & 9")
  • 1 Knapsack

 Do something fun and active with your family today!