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Where You Learn, Play & Move!

anyone can play or juggle with scarves
Scarf activities with teachers.

Our workshops allow us to:





Playocracy Inc. craves being the Hunters and Gatherers of information, games and benefits all related to PLAY.  Play is how we learn best!


All of our workshops offer solutions to problematic circumstances we have observed in the last 18 years.



  1. Some children are not physically active
  2. Some children just don't know HOW to play
  3. Some children have not the opportunity to practice social skills
  4. Some children do not know how to problem solve
  5. Some children suffer from anxiety, stress and depression

These circumstances did not happen over night, nor will the solution be a quick fix.   


There ARE solutions!   We have developed strategies to start making changes.  Be the Change Agent for your school or organization.

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Recess LEADers play games with younger students
L.E.A.D. Recess in action. Look at those amazing Student L.E.A.D.ers