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What  is  Playocracy?

Play, by definition, is something that is intrinsic to us.  

We are meant to play . . . naturally.  Our need to play is housed in the most ancient part of our brain along with eating and sleeping, our basic requirements. 


We are born to PLAY!


Democracy is defined as the practice or spirit of social equality; we are free to choose.  We practice good social skills in order to live and play in harmony with others. 


We are born to PLAY with others!

Mission Statement:

We understand how to foster and organically cultivate the four domains of child development through play.  From working with administration to create recess policy to delivering leadership training to student leaders, our goal is to collaborate with schools to create a quality recess experience that stretches beyond the confines of the actual playground.   

Our L.E.A.D. Recess Program is creating quality recess experiences across Canada.

L.E.A.D. Recess is a comprehensive leadership program

that increases opportunities for authentic play and positive social/emotional interactions on the playground. 


Click here to find out how L.E.A.D. Recess can change your school's recess culture. L.E.A.D. Recess fosters an active and enjoyable recess for staff and students!

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